About MES-center Russia

Russian MES-center was established in 2010 by members of Russian working group of MESA International.

MES center initiates and participate in various activities, like:

Today MES-center Russia is a leading Russian consulting center in the area of industrial automation, Wa are vendor-independent and due to that are able to provide best consulting service for our customers.

Together with activity for MES-related services Russian MES-center is the first-class consulting center for ISA-95 standard.

More than 3000 specialists from all regians of Russia pass through our conferences and seminars, more than 50 companies use our competence to improve efficiency of their production area.

To contact us don't hesitate directly to the leader of Russian MES-center Igor Reshetnikov, his e-mail address is i.reshetnikov@mescenter.ru or please call +79166711974.

Look forward for new proposals!